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The contracting of any Services and / or Products advertised on this site constitutes the automatic and complete acceptance of our Terms of Use. Before contracting any products and / or services you are certain that you can meet the conditions stipulated in our terms of use, they have been designed to maintain the quality of services and the safety of all users. If necessary, request the PDF version of Customer Service.
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A. The contracting of any products and / or services offered by the Contractor, hereinafter referred to as "ISOLUTION 7 WEB", implies that the Contractor, that is, the one to whom the data entered in the contracting form belongs, or the person responsible for completing agree to these terms and all of the conditions described below.

B. The Contractor is limited to hosting the sites; any transactions with products and / or services advertised by users is the responsibility of each user / owner of the site, Contractor is not involved in transactions and is not responsible for agreements between buyers and sellers.

C. The Contractor reserves the right to refuse any request in which the veracity of the data entered in the service contract form can not be confirmed.

D. The Contractor reserves the right to temporarily suspend or cancel an account when it considers that the use of the same is in disagreement with this policy, especially with respect to the prejudice of other users.

E. In the event of termination or blocking of account for any breach of these terms, Contractor shall not be liable for any loss or damage that this cancellation or blocking may cause to the Employer.

F. The Contractor reserves the right to revise these terms without prior notice for the safety of the equipment and / or improvement of the services provided.

G. For any situation not foreseen in this document, the Contractor reserves the right to decide what to do in order to ensure the safety of the equipment and / or the improvement of the services provided.

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Paragraph 1 - Content
1.1 Content not allowed
The hosting of sites with pedophile, pornographic, nudity content, or any type of erotic material of third parties or of the author itself is not allowed. Also, any material of a similar nature that depends on the legal majority of visitors, whether through links, texts, images, sound, video, banners, or any other resource.
The lodging of material of any nature is not allowed with the support of any form of discrimination or any apology to any crime foreseen in national or international laws.
Hosting of sites where the use or disclosure of material for hacking, cracker, system invasion, serial numbers, software piracy or any similar material is not allowed.
The hosting of any sites with different ".BR" extensions will be analyzed individually and the service liberation may or may not occur, according to the Contractor's liberality.
Hosting of sites with .tk .cc extensions is not allowed. cco. cu.cc .cz.cc .u4.org .gm6.com .8x.biz .uni.me and other free extensions.
Hosting of gaming sites such as Haboo, Mu, Cabal, Hagnarok and others similar or not is not allowed, even if the site is only the portal of entry.
It is not allowed to host websites of any type of chains, pyramids, likes and the like, or sites of any type of programs of points like Dotz, loyalty programs or similar.
It is not allowed the hosting of sites of any type of programs or systems of clicks, offers of extra gains or similar.
It is not allowed to host websites of any type of Factoring companies, loans, or similar.

1.1.1 Refusal of Order
The Contractor reserves the right not to accept a request for hosting, or to cancel a request for an already accepted hosting, if it considers that it may be in any way harmful to our users or visitors to the site.

1.2 Advertising and commercial use
Publicity and the commercial use of the sites are allowed. It is clear that the Contractor has no liability under any type of service offered by the Contractor.

1.3 Downloadable content
Our servers are robust and stable and therefore it is allowed to offer downloads on its pages, but, it is not allowed sites that specifically have distribution of files for download, such as: distribution of MP3 songs, videos, photos, programs, games Online, Online TV and etc., especially if these infringe some copyright law.

1.4 Copyright / Trademarks and Patents
We do not offer hosting for sites that disclose or distribute unauthorized text files, images or music that violate copyright or any national or international trademark laws and patents, such as: Books, Videos, Movies, MP3 Songs, TV Channels, or any other format.

1.5 Content harmful to third parties
We will not accept any content that may cause damage or damage to third parties, such as: malicious scripts, viruses and other virtual pests, pishing sites and others.

Paragraph 2 - Liability
2.1 Responsibility
The Contractor should be aware that he is solely responsible for all information disclosed on his site taking into account its validity, legality and integrity.

2.2 Knowledge of the Internet
The Contractor must have basic knowledge of the Internet, its principles and procedures. It is the contractor's responsibility to develop and maintain your website and all its components such as: images, pages, programs, etc. Contractor's technical support will not cover questions related to problems on the client machine, such as viruses and other virtual pests. The contractor's customer service is restricted to the resolution of problems related to the server and the applications installed on it.

2.3 Security
The Contractor is responsible for the security and use of your site. The password for accessing site settings should be treated privately and confidentially and should not be shared with third parties. The Employer shall avoid the use of simple and easy to discover passwords. The Employer must change their password periodically by always choosing safe passwords.

2.4 Resale or Service Offerings
The Contractor may resell or offer space on his site to third parties reminding that any responsibility for such act shall be borne by the Contractor, including technical support to this third party.

2.5 Improper use of the server
It is not allowed to run software or procedures inside the server that try to modify or impair its operation. It will not be allowed to use background routines, running any IRC routine and the like as RPG games, and it is not allowed to install modules and any program that interferes with the server operating system.

2.6 Improper use of memory
The Contractor limits the use of virtual memory by 1GB or 2GB for each hosted site according to the chosen plan. Sites that for any known or unknown reason ever reach these values ​​are automatically suspended and will be suggested to migrate to a non-shared environment such as a VPS server or Dedicated server. Such machines will be quoted according to the technical necessity of the site in question and said quotation will be informed to the Employer. If the Contractor does not accept it, the Contractor reserves the right to cancel the service since it has become technically detrimental to the proper functioning of the server and other users.

2.7 Backup
The Contractor undertakes to always keep 3 (three) back-ups available for recovery in case of need, namely:
1) Back-up of the first day of the month.
2) Back-up the first day of the week.
3) Daily back-up.
The back-up is updated daily and overlaps the previous version, so only 3 (three) back-ups are always available.
Restoration of the back-up can be requested from the Contractor's support and will be done at no additional cost as long as the site is active.
In case the site is suspended for non-payment, the restoration of the back-up will only be done by means of discharge of the open invoice.
In case the site is canceled due to non-payment, the restoration of the back-up will only be effected upon discharge of the invoice generating the cancellation.
The Contractor will only keep back-up copies for 15 days after the cancellation, after which time it will no longer be possible to retrieve any information from the site, emails, databases or any other additional configuration.
The Contractor must keep a copy of everything that is updated on his site for replacement in case of loss of data that can not be recovered by the Contractor.
In the event that it is impossible to restore the back-up for any reason, it is clear that the Contractor shall not be liable for any damage or damage that this may cause to the Employer.

Paragraph 3 - Use of e-mail
3.1 SPAM
We will not be allowed to use our servers to send SPAM. SPAM is considered to send bulk emails to users who do not explicitly request them, and with whom the sender does not maintain any personal relationship bond, or whose amount compromises the proper functioning of the servers. The Contractor who relinquishes this practice will have his hosting service immediately terminated.
The following three situations will be considered SPAM:
3.1.1 Use of our SMTP servers to send bulk emails causing high processing on the server in a way that can cause slow delivery of emails from other customers; it is considered SPAM sending more than 180 or 360 emails per hour according to the contracted plan.
3.1.2 Use of another SMTP server, however, informing as an e-mail response an address hosted on our servers causing all error messages to be received on our servers (POP) causing high processing and related problems.
3.1.3 Use of SMTP server and response e-mail that are not on our servers, however, informing, whether in the content of the e-mail or through any related link, addresses of sites that are hosted on our server, making our servers related to this SPAM.

3.2 Bulk messaging
The Employer may use your email to send informational and standardized messages or advertisements to your customers, as long as you do not use our servers to send bulk messages. It will be considered mass mailing the issue above 180 or 360 emails per hour as specified in the contracted plan. For larger quantities of shipping or shipping at regular intervals the customer must contract a specific service with Dedicated IP + SSL, VPS Server or Dedicated Server.

3.3 Message sending limit
The limit for sending messages per hour is 180 messages for all "Start" plans, "Basic", "Super" and "Mega" plans, or 360 emails per hour for the "Ultra" plan.
The limit for sending messages is not cumulative, ie the Contractor who does not use the 180 or 360 emails during the period of 1 hour will not have these emails accumulated in the next hour. For larger quantities of shipping or shipping at regular intervals the customer must contract a specific service with Dedicated IP + SSL, VPS Server or Dedicated Server.
The Employer should not consider the "simple account" type 180x24 hours = 4,320 emails per day, large bulk shipments regardless of content are considered SPAM.
SPAM can be characterized by: Quantity, content and interval between one sending and another; therefore, this shipping limit is only a safety margin. If spam reports occur even if the limit is being met, the account will be suspended in the same way.

3.4 Content of emails
The use of e-mail addresses is not allowed to exchange information related to practices that violate any national or international law.
It is not allowed to use email addresses with links to malicious scripts or viruses.

3.5 Viruses or Trojans
The contractor's servers are protected against viruses, however the contractor is solely responsible for the security of your personal computer and must use an antivirus capable of detecting the receipt of viruses, spyware, adwares, trojans and other virtual pests sent in emails of third parties. It is clear that the Contractor shall not be liable for any loss or damage that this may cause to the Contractor.

3.6 Complaint
If you report the practice of SPAM or other malicious practices, write to: info@isolution7web.com

4.2 Payment of fees
4.2.1 In the case of late payment, there will be a fine of 2% as announced on this site.
4.2.2 In case of payment of the YEARLY payments via bank deposit or transfer, it will always be necessary to send the deposit / transfer data. Additional fees will be charged or not as advertised on this site.
4.2.3 In the case of payment of the YEARLY payments via bank transfer, the down payment will occur automatically, and may take from 1 to 3 business days. Additional fees will be charged or not as advertised on this site.
4.2.4 In the case of payment of the YEARLY payments by credit card the withdrawal will only be made after the confirmation of the operator, and may take from 1 to 3 business days. Additional fees will be charged or not as advertised on this site.
4.2.5 The Contractor shall make payments until the due date of the invoice that will be previously issued and sent to the e-mail or to the e-mails registered in the hiring.
4.2.6 The delay of 7 consecutive days will cause automatic blocking of access to contracted services; in this case access to the site and emails will no longer work.
4.2.7 The delay of 15 calendar days will cause the contracted services to be automatically canceled; in this case, all files, e-mails, and other settings will be excluded from the server in respect of the Employer's privacy.
4.2.8 Expiration dates may be reassigned to specific needs, but it is the responsibility of the Contractor to contact in advance with our financial department and share about such need.
4.2.9 The extension of the payment period will be granted once only at each maturity, that is, if the Employer requests the extension of the salary, it must pay strictly on this second date. The extension of the term of payment can not be more than 10 days of original maturity.
4.2.10 The interruption of services due to non-payment, or failure to notify payment in case of bank deposit or transfer; is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Employer and there shall be no discount on the value of the next invoices for the days without access or any refund of damages that may be caused to the Employer.

Paragraph 5 - Cadastral Data
5.1 The veracity of the information during the completion of the data in the contracting of any service is solely the responsibility of the Employer. It is the Contractor's responsibility to keep the registration data updated so that we can contact them whenever necessary. We are not responsible for any problems that may occur due to communication failure caused by failure to update your registration data, especially in relation to the e-mail address. We are not responsible for non-veridical data informed on hiring.

Paragraph 6 - Cancellation of Services
6.1 It is the responsibility of the Contractor to communicate the Contractor when he wishes to cancel any service. This can be done simply and at any time simply by sending an email to the service department or through a ticket at the customer's central office. In case of cancellation for any reason there will be no charge by the Contractor for any amounts that have not yet expired and there will be no refund of any amounts already paid in advance.

6.2 In case the request to reactivate an account and restore it back-up after its cancellation, it can be done or not, this will depend on the availability of the files on the server. The maximum time the back-ups will be available is 15 days.

6.3 In order to reactivate the account or recover the back-up, the invoice generating the cancellation or any other financial problems must be paid in advance.

Paragraph 7 - Privacy
7.1 The Contractor undertakes to protect the Contractor's personal data and information. The data used in the contracting act are only for registration purposes and possible contact with the Employer if necessary. We do not practice the commercialization of any registration data with third parties. We do not provide third parties with any information about sites hosted on our servers, as well as information about the e-mails that go through them and about the databases used by their clients; except in case of order, request or judicial determination.

7.2 The Contractor shall not be liable for data breaches resulting from acts of persons authorized by the Contractor himself or for the criminal action of third parties outside the limits of technical predictability at the time it occurs.

7.3 By completing the registration for the contracting of any products or services, the Contractor guarantees that the data provided is true and undertakes to keep them constantly updated so that the Contractor can establish contact whenever it is necessary.

7.4 The Contractor will only provide any data access to the e-mail registered at the time of hiring. The Contractor shall not engage in any problems of property disputes or commercial problems between the Contractor and a third party even if it proves ownership of the domain. It is reiterated: The Contractor will only provide any data of access to the e-mail registered in the act of contracting.

Paragraph 8 - Fraud
8.1 We believe that fraudulent acts or intentional omissions, even if in an attempted manner, with a view to obtaining an unlawful advantage for you or a third party, in connection with the contracting or use of any services offered. The Contractor undertakes to evaluate each request in order to identify any type of fraud, regardless of the service or product that the alleged Contractor wishes to acquire, promote and disseminate to the Customers and Partners a culture of combating fraud; develop and use resources specifically targeted at combating fraud; to carry out the analysis of all the cadastral data, as well as to analyze the risk that the applicant to the contracting represents; and, finally, refuse any request that can not be proven to be legitimate with respect to the Contractor's data or domain data.

Paragraph 9 - Spam and Piracy
9.1 The Contractor, aiming at good practices on the Internet, publicly expresses his repudiation of the practice of SPAM and PIRACY, and undertakes to make it difficult to disseminate it by all possible technical means.

9.2 If there is a complaint of SPAM or PIRACY, the Contractor reserves the right to require, for the maintenance of the service, to disable such an e-mail list and remove such software in order to ensure that the site does not continue to send potentially unwanted emails to the same addresses and does not infringe any part of this term of use. In the repetition of this practice the account will be automatically excluded without any financial reimbursements.

9.3 The Contractor is responsible for not practicing SPAM and not using PIRATA software under any circumstances and under no pretext. By the simple act of contracting the services through this site the Contractor agrees integrally, without restrictions, and automatically, with all the items of this term of use.

H. This document may be downloaded in PDF format at the Customer Center after the contracting of the product / service.