Our first steps on the market

Our first steps took place in the year 2000. We started a website company in Brazil, in the State of Minas Gerais, to initially attend some friends.
From 2002 we realized the importance of improving ourselves in developing something personalized but still the tools of the time were limited and the knowledge as well.

Continuous innovation and transformation

Already in 2006 we reached a portfolio of clients with more than 300 customers and we started to offer besides the creation of the website, the Hosting as well.
With our eyes on the future, we were able to improve our work tools and outsource some of our services but our clients wanted to deal directly with us.

Further development

That is where we decided to cover more areas of service such as video production, photography and creation of art for print and logos.

Always looking to improve

We arrived in 2017 with less customers than in 2006 but our service has also improved in quality to our customers.
Today we can produce video advertising, institutional videos as well as photographs.

Where our solutions come from

Our Hosting has improved on the issue of service and location specificity.
We have servers in Brazil and in the United States, that is, we separately allocate our clients according to their location.

Arrival to the United States

Our plans for the future are not giants, but larger than in 2002.
Isolution 7 Web wants to continue serving its customers in a personalized way, so we do not aim to have thousands of customers but the right clients.